How to Register Menu Delivery with Invite Code and How to Get 25000 yen by 30 times delivery.

【まもなく終了!】Uber Eats配達員登録で15,000円!
Uber Eats登録15,000円キャッシュバックキャンペーン
当方経由でUber Eats配達パートナーに登録し、条件を達成すると1回の配達で追加の15,000円の報酬が受け取れます!

普通にUber Eats 配達パートナーに登録したら、15,000円分損した…!


>>【15,000円もらえる】Uber Eats(ウーバーイーツ)配達員登録方法・始め方




さらに先日、出前館公式から、「これから配達員に対しての追加報酬を増やしていく」という連絡もいただきました。(これ以上報酬増やして、どうなっちゃうんですか..?? 正社員の給料なんて余裕では..


...ですが、現在出前館配達員の新規登録が非常に人気で登録が殺到しているため、 いつ「登録一時停止」・「新規登録再開の見込みなし」なんていう状況になってもおかしくありません。





What is Menu Delivery

Menu delivery is a Delivery App like Uber Eats.You can work only whenever you want, and you earn money depending on the amount you work.

if you’ve already became a Uber Eats deliveryman, please just think this app has same structure.

How to  Get 25000 yen Bonus, and How to Register Menu Delivery


Menu Delivery App has launched only in Tokyo for now.

According to Menu Official anaounce,We can work at Osaka soon.

If you register just from official page,You can’t get another pay, But if You register with Invite code, You can get another 25000 yen when you achieve 30 times delivery.


Menu Delivery Invite Code


So,We Will show you how to register it with Invite code.

Step1:open the Menu Officail URL, and Enter your active Email address.

You get Email from Menu Officail.

Different links Depending on what you ride on.

At first, For Deliveryman who use bicycle, I’ll tell you how to register it.

How to register with invite code on Menu Delivery for whom using bicycle.



Done. you just wait email from Menu Officail for  1~2 weeks.

when you send this form mayby you don’t get any confirmation from Menu Official, but It’s nomal. it’s OK.

You just need to wait that they approve it.

If you are approved, you can deliver ASAP without going to a partner center like Uber Eats.

How to register with invite code on Menu Delivery for whom using motorbike.


Please look at “How to register with invite code on Menu Delivery for whom using bicycle” about same things you need to fillout.

I tell you about the part which different from the form for Using Bicycle.




Please don’t forget Using Invite code for getting 25000 yen.


Menu Delivery Invite Code



>>Menu Officail register page